Welcome to Quest Log!

Welcome to Quest Log, a dedicated way for anyone to be able to quickly catch up on past, present, and future playthroughs on the GoatedQuest Twitch channel . In addition to the utility, this new blog format will offer a new way for me to expand my own perspective and deepen my appreciation of each game played on the channel. I'm excited to use this blog to elucidate my thoughts and takeaways on each game removed from the live environment of Twitch, and I'm very confident about it being the best way for people to catch-up or relive some of their favorite games.     Log posts will be made after each play session of a GoatedQuest Selection, offering a recap of the in-game events of the stream (complete with pictures!), as well as my retrospective impressions of the night and what I've taken away from the game so far. I hope this proves to be a  great resource for anyone who either missed a stream or wants to dig back and read my impressions of a previous selection firsthand wh